Stredium is built on Quorum, an enterprise blockchain. Quorum enables us to leverage Ethereum for high-value blockchain applications and smart contracts.
Stredium is a permissioned blockchain that works as Layer-2 for Ethereum.
Benefits of an enterprise blockchain:
  • Zero gas cost transactions (not gasless, to prevent abuse).
  • Transaction privacy.
  • Multiple pluggable consensus (proof-of-stake) mechanisms suitable for many use cases.
  • Enterprise-grade permissions management (access control) for network nodes and participants (Sports Clubs, Federations, Leagues).
  • Enterprise-grade performance, robust architecture.
By leveraging blockchain technology, here’s a list of potential benefits for the fans and the Clubs:
  • Virtual items, true ownership: blockchain provides provably scarce items to acquire, buy, and trade.
  • Provable heritage of items: who owned them and what happened with them over time? Have celebrity gamers/streamers/players used them? Was this item used to win a championship?
  • Increases the potential income streams for the non-pro gamers or fans: who can go find rare items and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Blockchain prevents games and apps from being shut down: companies change their mind, go out of business, and shut down games all the time.
  • Persistent worlds: in other words, you could take your character and/or assets from one world and bring them over to a completely separate world that uses the same underlying blockchain assets in-game.
  • Marketplace: every time an item is sold from one person to the next, the Club automatically receives a % commission, FOREVER.
-- Jon Radoof
The virtual world/experiences will be developed using NVIDIA Omniverse and Unity, game engine and/or Unreal game engine. The platform lets anyone create and simulate shared virtual 3D worlds that are physically based. NVIDIA Omniverse gives creators the ability to collaborate with a variety of applications to deliver real-time results and easily build complex, physically accurate, real-time simulations, images, or movies with a simple, powerful toolkit built on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD).
NVIDIA Omniverse features:
  • Universal format, universal tool
  • Iterate hassle-free, in a collaborative way
  • One click to share anywhere
β€œMany people think of the metaverse as 3D space that will surround us. But the metaverse is not 3D or 2D, or even necessarily graphical; it is about the inexorable dematerialization of physical space, distance, and objects.” -- Jon Radoff
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