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PLOT, the game

Plot is a fun game that gives life to your NFTs.
Plot is a fun game that gives life to your NFTs. Get PLOT tokens from a friend or wrap your favorite existing NFT:
  • Wrap your NFTs and turn them into PLOT tokens (ERC20 token).
  • Your PLOTs earn you STREDIUM once a day (claim rewards).
  • Join the leaderboard.
  • Use STREDIUM to buy different NFTs and raise in the leaderboard, the higher you are in the leaderboard the more STREDIUM you'll mine daily.
  • But careful, if you don't buy NFTs for more than 3 days your PLOTs will die and get burned and you won't be able to mine any more STREDIUM.
  • You can look out for dead PLOTs on the leaderboard, if they are dead you can burn them and claim 60% of their value.
More games to come. Stay tuned!