Blockchain requires the creation of new ecosystems, in which participants must work together.
An overview of Stredium ecosystem and its players:
  • eSports & Sports Clubs, Federations, Leagues: they join the network as validators and perform the role of stakers to validate transactions. They will be able to define & vote proposals/challenges, vote for best solutions, confirm pilots, buy IP rights of the startup's solutions, etc.
  • Startups: The startups will be able to apply for a certain challenge, if selected they will be able to develop their solutions, get investors and deploy their pilots.
  • Developers, Solution Providers: they are the creators of different experiences, they could provide different services and technology that might be needed by startups to build the solutions.
  • Investors: individuals, funds, etc. that might be interested in registering in the platform to invest in certain solutions and startups.
  • Brands: they might be interested in having a space in Stredium virtual world.
  • Fans: they are the owners of the world. Stredium is a community of fans and creators. They will be able to vote for challenges and solutions, etc.
All the players will use Stredium assets/NFTs in order to join the virtual world and interact with the community. By buying Stredium assets, you own a portion of the metaverse.
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