NFTs are experiences
M = D + E2
Stredium is building, together with the Sports Clubs and Athletes, a whole ecosystem with digital assets that fans can use in the metaverse, some of them will be tied to real-world objects or experiences.
All owners of some kind of Stredium NFT can access the metaverse. Here are some real digital life examples of unique experiences:
  • Real-world experiences: Match day experiences, tours Stadium and Museum, corporate events, etc.
  • Digital experiences: virtual tours, digital autographs, conferences, events, games, tournaments, live streaming, live music, AR, VR, immersive learning, fitness, workouts, eSports, live action role playing, etc.
β€œPeople increasingly have more of their lives invested in their digital identity.” -- Jon Radoof
Each Stredium NFT is assigned a rarity category, represented by a different name and denoting the possible supply of the asset:
  • Common: >100
  • Rare: 100-5000
  • Epic: 100-1000
  • Legendary: 10-100
  • Mythic: 1-10

Stredium Drops

Stredium is working closely with Sports Clubs, Brands and a wide range of other partners to create collections of limited edition, some of them will be tied to real-world objects or experiences.
These will be the first Stredium drops:
  • The Champions (CHAMPION): limited time avatars, man of the match awards
  • The Premiere (PREMIERE): digital twin, unique real-world objects
  • Stredium Metaverse (LAND): metaverse land, plots
  • Stadium (STADIUM): CryptoStadium virtual club
Sports Clubs: Real Sociedad FC (CHAMP), Movistar Team (CHAMP), Banfield FC (MVP), Blue United eFC (MVP), Botev Pliev (CHAMP), Celta (MVP). Brands: Futbol Emotion (TC, Messi and Benzema drops). There will be many other drops allowing for community building and growing the ecosystem (E2 = Economy + Experiences).

Stredium Labs

Stredium Labs is the portal for developers to access data via APIs/SDK. It includes an integration solution for NFT-based economies that benefits the entire ecosystem.
- Explorer: robust on-chain data, data queries, NFTs discoverability. Build your games using all NFTs.
- Wallet: non-custodial solution, secure, user-friendly and built for integration. Developers can implement their UI or use ours.
- Event triggers: trigger asset sending with game events.
- Webhooks: operate asynchronously, receive blockchain events and/or notifications. (Coming soon!)
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