Stredium, The eSports Metaverse

Stredium Whitepaper, last updated Jul 2021
The Sports Metaverse


The sports industry was facing challenges long before the pandemic. Yet, COVID-19 changed everything.
The physical dimension of the club contains multiple limitations, the stadium is open only on match days, and its capacity is lower than the size of the community of fans who follow the club from their homes. How to interact with them is still the pending subject of the sport industry.
Most Sports Clubs and Federations don’t have the resources, knowledge and experience to bring innovation to their organisation. Startups, creators and artists don’t have access to potential customers and Investors don’t know the best startups to invest in. As the industry struggles to survive, new technology in sports is needed.
The rise of the digital-native fan forced Sports Clubs to explore more ways of maintaining fan engagement, rewarding fan loyalty and ensuring an ROI for sponsors. Sports Clubs and Brands will need to transition their marketing strategies from online ads to existing in a shared, virtual economy called the “Metaverse”, an alternate digital reality where people play, work, interact and socialise.
Blockchains are a new addition to the industry. Blockchain technology facilitates the emergence of new forms of organisations, which are not only dematerialised but also decentralised (DAO: decentralised autonomous organisation). One of the most interesting features blockchain can provide are something called “non-fungible tokens” (NFT), which can be used to give fans real ownership over collectibles items and digital assets.
Real-life ownership of items gives more power to the fan instead of the companies behind development, one of the essential features of a working metaverse will be the ability to move your avatar and assets from world to world. Digital assets, world-building, or metamarketing will have a real impact on Sports Clubs and Brands.

What is Stredium?

Stredium is a blockchain-based virtual world for the eSports community.
In this new economy of blockchain-based virtual world fans will be able to:
  • Create, build
  • Collect items
  • Buy land, buy virtual seats
  • Buy avatars and even names as NFTs
  • Trade assets
  • Wander around with friends
  • Visit virtual stadiums
  • Play games
  • Attend virtual events
  • Compete in tournaments
  • Live unique experiences (real-world, AR, VR, etc.)
  • Take on one of our Virtual Fitness Challenges, Virtual Workouts
  • Track your progress
  • The NFTs will also be used to build a governance system attached to a unique mechanism (Futarchy) to help manage innovation for the entire ecosystem
  • and much more.
Stredium's Mission
Our mission is to build a unique alternate eSports reality economy on the blockchain, connecting different actors through the values of Sports: Federations, Leagues, eSports & Sports Clubs, Startups, Developers, Solution Providers, Investors, Brands and Fans. Stredium will build new immersive experiences to create a much more interactive and inclusive experience for sports fans. Stredium will help eSports & Sports Clubs, Leagues and Federations and create their entities in this new digital dimension: the eSPORTS METAVERSE.
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